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Sunday, May 30, 2010

It Doesn't Matter

It was a perfect night only with my own imperfections,
We stood high, gazing across the rock palate,
The view was absolute,
My feelings.... were fairly good.

As the night sighed its cool and comforting breeze,
We fell in closer as we have never been,
Yet I feel there's barrier between us,
Almost an invisible gap.

Could it be me?
Could it be you?

My heart sure skipped a beat as reality injected its poison,
While fantasy remained my temporary morphine,
I wanted so much for this time to stop,
This sin is so insanely pure and divine,
So powerful I couldn't decline.

But I knew each time these fairytale thoughts sunk in,
I was wasting more time dwelling in my own despair,
Than letting you know all these felt within,
Until you silently reached out for my hand,
I knew it didn't matter anymore.

It didn't matter when you have to leave
It didn't matter how you're going to leave
It didn't matter you will leave me again and again
I know I have found what I have been searching..

I found Love in you.

Love is then real but it often never lasts...
Again this time, I'm choosing Pride over Love

But if you are reading this now
I know you'll get your answer
Who is it all along?

For the time to come
It doesn't matter how painful when I think bout tonight
It doesn't matter how awful I am going to feel
It shall remind me of my once loving feeling.. for You.

Just another piece of self-poetic-literature..
By Me.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fountain of Inner Devotions

As I walk down this road of uncertainty
I know it is leading me to a fountain of sin
Yet, I will choose to leave all promised divinity
If I know I will see you at the end

In the grand darkness,
How I am seeing much more of myself
In the great depth
How I feel free to venture free as an unbound soul
I feel you everywhere, foolish sentiments
Oh they are...
And I know I will see you at the end

As coldness creeps in
Your hands are mine to hold
Two pairs of undaunted eyes
We exchange gazes of eternal bonding
Dive and rise as we go
Against all odds
Freedom are all ours

Feel with our delicate senses
Witness with our fine eyes
Needless for words
Anymore, as we do not listen
To the lies, laments and criticisms..
Of the hypocritical world

We. Belong. Together.
No Limits

Dedicated to all souls ought to be set free :)

By Saudari Hazel

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stitching A Cloud of Dream

Hey.... it's been a while since I last wrote. Err.. correction! I did actually write alot of posts, just that they are incomplete ones LOls :P Pending to be published!

It's not that I've lost my personal therapeutic session - writing and expressing but it's because I have been really busy stitching a cloud of dream :) Yes, life itself is like a dream and we are never asleep :)

And what exactly do I mean? You will know when it's time! As for now, I can only pray for storms to pause and rain to go away :)

I have a mixture of feelings tonight, mostly regarding my life so far... at the age of 22. What have I achieved or have I made any statement that is ought to be remembered for life? Or am I not satisfied with what I already attained because I keep looking at life through a microscope? Amplifying manifold, an invisible speck unsurprisingly becomes an insurmountable mountain.

I hate to admit it but yes, I have unknowingly chasing after something in life that I myself do not know what is that missing piece that gives the final completion to my puzzle. I am not sure if it's even an object, a human or just an imagination. I just know I'm waiting for that time to come, and that is when my life will begin- all over again :)

Suddenly, I feel my life is at a perfect pace (I might think otherwise tomorrow :P) I might "grow up" a little bit quickly but it's just what I can do, a step closer to finding the last piece of puzzle.

And finally, my mum have accepted the fact that I've grown up. Less naggings and she seemed to have started to trust in me that I can get hold of myself and maneuver my own wheel of life. Happy for that, absolutely.

It's bedtime now at 2 a.m, always the best time of the day :) Cold and quiet, a peaceful spirit sings a happy song :) It's random to say this out of the blue, but I just realised...

I have started to love myself more. And it's when you learn to love yourself, you open your heart to loving someone else, and it's when someone else will love you in return :) Nights!

Happy Valentines Day in advance!
Treasure the person who walks this far in life with you,
Through times are bad
Remember how the love story once unfolds
Through times are good
And waive on the page how the love story will end
Till death do us apart.

-tung hing-

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