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Friday, February 6, 2009

Little Ashes

Dum dum dum.. TraLalalLAla... Hee!

Sorry for having my blog dead for a couple of weeks.. I was just busy collecting "ang paosssS" :P Now that I'd made sure everyone in the list had given me, I shall rest relax and start blogging again.. Haha!

So, what is Little Ashes anyways? Erm... It's actually a movie, official release in March 27 2009, based on the real life stories of 3 young but gifted gentlemen, a formidable trio that formed the most ultra modern group in Madrid in 1920's.

1) The eccentric and unusually imaginative artist, Salvador Dali

Aura of an artist has to be this:- :P

He is... well yea.. eccentric teramat sungguh sekali.. HAHA!

And now is the interesting part. Who is starring as Dali?

I can't believe it myself either... :P

ROB PATTINSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lols! I really have to put my hats off to him. Just before this, he was portraying as the sexy good bad boy vampire, Edward Cullen and he had manufactured a swarm of girl fans out of the blue and now what? Carrying another total.. totally... unusual character of the legendary artist, Salvador Dali? Haha! Such a contrast than in Twilight!! :P But so what? I admire his flexibility in portraying different different characters :P

2) A charismatic but controversial young poet, Federico Garcia Lorca whom was murdered near an olive tree :O

He's gay though :P

Starring by Javier Beltran

3) A legendary Spanish film-maker, Luis Bunuel

Wuthering Heights was one of his production :)

Starring by Matthew McNulty

As interesting as it may sound to the fellow lovers of art, history & literature, I feel so sorry to inform you that... This movie is banned from Lembaga Perfileman Malaysia. LOLS! Stupid as it is but WHy?

It's not just because our beloved ROb Pattinson is swimming naked in the water :P but it's because of the scandalous affair he has in the movie Lols.. With his good friend... FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA! Hahaa... Yes, gay elements :P And you know it well, how narrow minded is our country so.. :( but I'm going to get it by hook or by crook!

Here's the synopsis of the movie:

In 1922, Madrid is wavering on the edge of change as traditional values are challenged by the dangerous new influences of Jazz, Freud and the avant-garde.

Salvador Dali arrives at the university; 18 years old and determined to become a great artist. His bizarre blend of shyness and rampant exhibitionism attracts the attention of two of the university's social elite - Federico Garcia Lorca and Luis Bunuel.

Salvador is absorbed into their decadent group and for a time Salvador, Luis and Federico become a formidable trio, the most ultra-modern group in Madrid. However as time passes, Salvador feels and increasingly strong pull towards the charismatic

Federico - who is himself oblivious of the attentions he is getting from his beautiful writer friends, Margarita. Finaly, in the face of his friends' preoccupations - and Federico's growing renown as a poet - Luis sets off for Paris in search of his own artistic success.

Federico and Salvador spend the holiday in the sea-side town of Cadaques. Both the idyllic surroundings and the warmth of the Dali family sweep Federico off his feet.

Salvador and he draw closer, sharing their deepest beliefs, inspirations and secrets, convinced that they have found a kind of friendship undreamt of by others. It is more that a meeting of the minds; it is a fusion of souls. And then one night, in the phosphorescent water, it becomes something else...

Watch this thriller to complete your suspense :P

No rules, no regrets, no return...

Little Ashes

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